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Checklist Before Requesting Service

Should you experience a difficulty with your system please view the below helpful points, as most air-conditioning faults can be easily alleviated from the checklist below.

On following the checklist please view your manufactures operation manual for any specific instructions related to your particular model, but as usual should you experience any continuing faults, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

  • Is the power switched ON?
  • Has the circuit breaker tripped in the meter box? Reset if required
  • Is the timer facility turned off?
  • Have you tried to reset the power/circuit breaker? Reset if required.
  • Is the controller light or operation light on the split system flashing, after a storm or power out? Reset circuit breaker to clear any potential errors from power fluctuations
  • Is the Mode set to the correct operation position? Ensure cooling is set if required to cool.
  • Is cooling set point temperature lower than the actual temperature? Set desired temperature to cool.
  • Is the filter cleaned or renewed recently? Clean if required .
  • Are the indoor room temperatures excessively warm? Allow sufficient time for unit to extract heat, turn system on early, and allow temperature inside the home to be comfortable before outdoor temperatures rise.
  • Are door and windows closed? Ensure windows are sealed and doors to other zones are closed.
  • Is the unit loaded up for conditions? Under extreme days or under full load reduce operation to lesser number of zones for quicker and efficient performance.
  • Is the system on not blowing air for a short period then slowly starts heating? The system generally starts blowing air after sufficient temperature has built up in the fancoil to minimise the drafting effect on start-up.
  • Has system stops heating while still on? The unit is on defrost cycle to remove any accumulation on the outdoor coil, this can last from 2-15minutes pendinq on temperatures and humidity.
  • Natural condensation will occur as the coil cools warm air and pending humidity levels the amounts will vary. Generally evident on heating mode.
  • Are the batteries in good order? Replace with new items and ensure they are inserted correctly.
  • Is your filter clean? Clean if required .
  • Is the filter inserted correctly in the Return Air Grille? Reinsert filter and closed grille door.
  • Is there adequate air flow? Ensure there is enough vents/zones open to allow unit to flow air without struggling.
  • Water running or hissing noise? The latest technology units have electronic refrigerant metering so variations in refrigerant flowing within the PiPes and air-conditioner will be audible.
  • Is the unit on defrost? During defrost cycle refrigerant is reversed to thaw ice, initiatina refriaerant flowina noise and ice cracklina.
  • Has the filters been cleaned? Clean the filters and replace any deodorisina filters if present.


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