Split Systems

A split system is an air conditioner that is composed of two parts primarily, being the indoor unit and an outdoor unit.  The industry terminology refers to systems that are designed to condition one room or and open area for they are elegant and compact to be installed in both homes and commercial applications.

The technologies allows then to be wall mounted or floor mounted with other variations available.  The outdoor system can be mounted on the outside of the wall where the indoor system is fixed for an economic installation, but where required it is able to be remotely located to client’s requirements. Split systems are known for their quietness and energy efficiency with aesthetically pleasing design and power ranges of 2kW to 10kW.

Choosing West Air Conditioning to install Your Split system

  • Servicing the greater Sydney, Penrith, Blue Mountains
  • We provide Professional sizing
  • Colour bond pipe covering provided
  • Concrete condenser pads provided  
  • All refrigeration lines insulated
  • Electrical isolators provided
  • Packing materials removed from site 
  • System commissioned and operations shown

Key Daikin Features