Ceiling grilles service the purpose of distributing the air to the rooms occupants, they are also commonly referred to as outlets and registers.

The type of grille recommended is greatly dependant on the application and ceiling heights for some grilles serve to disperse air flow while some other grilles are used to diffuses air flow.  Grilles tend to disperse airflow where longer reach is required and diffuse air to ensure occupants comfort is maintained by reducing drafts. The visual appearance of grilles is a main selective point to most clients, for visual uniformity in one’s home is important as well as operation.

Ceiling Round Grilles

  • Visually soft and well blending to ceilings
  • Cost effective
  • Air flow can be adjusted
  • Unobtrusive appearance
  • Simple Maintenance  
  • ABS polymer
  • Resistant to condensation
  • Standard Grille for home installations

Multi Directional Outlet

  • Sharper Visual Appearance
  • Direction air flow adjustment
  • Louvre angle adjustment
  • Low profile
  • Suitable for high ceilings
  • ABS polymer
  • Resistant to condensation

Wall Grilles

  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical veins
  • Directional air flow control
  • Ideal for wall and bulkhead installations  

Linear Bar Grilles

  • Architectural appearance
  • Ideal for bulkheads, walls and vertical faces
  • Aluminium extrusions and powder coated
  • Custom lengths to order

Linear Slot Grilles

  • Architectural appearance
  • For ceiling applications
  • Home application is typically a two-slot variety
  • Aluminium extrusions and powder coated
  • Custom lengths to client’s requirements