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Do you need help with choosing a reliable, energy-efficient, and affordable air conditioning system? Or keep your current system in great shape with a one-off or routine maintenance check-up? Fortunately, West Air Conditioning Penrith has you covered.

Air Conditioning Services for Kellyville

West Air Conditioning is committed to providing reliable, energy efficient, and tailor made cooling and heating solutions that suit your particular needs.

No matter where you are in Kellyville, air conditioning experts who offer superior customer service and quality products are ready to help. From sales and installation through to repairs, everything you need to get your system up and running smoothly is right here.

By combining years of hands-on experience with leading brands and types, instant access to quality components, and highly qualified technicians; we can confidently service your: Split System, Ducted System, Reverse Cycle, Residential and Commercial, VRV System, and Grilles.

Ready to enjoy year-round comfort indoors? Get a FREE custom quote for air conditioning services in Kellyville. Call (02) 4722 4722 or fill out the online form.

Personalised Climate Control

By closely analysing your floorplan, layout, and cooling/heating needs, theWest Air Conditioning team can supply climate control where it matters most to you and at the lowest possible cost. You’ll learn exactly what makes each system unique, how much they cost to run, and which one is best for you.

As a result, you’ll have all the information you need to choose with confidence.

Professional Installation

You want peace of mind knowing your air conditioning is done right the first time. On a convenient day and time, your installer will deliver the unit in perfect condition and professionally install it for you. You’ll even get a quick product demonstration so that you know how to use it. Finally, the area will be left neat and tidy – no mess left behind. Best of all?

Your installation is covered by a workmanship guarantee and official manufacturer warranty.

Commercial Solutions

Schools. Commercial offices. Government buildings. And more. West Air Conditioning has the skills and capacity to satisfy your unique climate control needs.

Our priority is to deliver indoor comfort to as many rooms or departments as possible at the lowest cost to you. To ensure the process is smooth sailing and the final outcome exceeds your expectations, we’ll gladly collaborate with your designers, architects, property managers, and business owners.

Maintenance & Repairs

Routine maintenance is vital to the safety, performance, and energy efficiency of your air conditioning in Kellyville.

To keep your system reliable, we recommend a yearly maintenance check. Each visit your technician will clean the filters, fins and coils, replace any faulty parts, test for fire and electrical safety, and more. You’ll also get a detailed report that species each task completed, to ensure a consistent service history.

Of course, West Air Conditioning is ready to provide emergency repairs at short notice, so as to keep downtime to a minimum.

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